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Up-cycled bedsheets, organic cotton, Madder root dye, air pollution ink, activated charcoal & found material

The Indoor Outdoor Continuum, 2022

WellHome will be one of the largest studies ever carried out by Imperial College London working collaboratively with a local community. Based at the Environmental Research Group, this is an initiative in world-leading air quality monitoring. So far, nearly all air quality research has been done on outdoor air pollution, yet most adults spend >90% of their day indoors. Through a series of community workshops; air pollution ink drawing & symbolising with the White City Estate, Bubble & Squeak summer club, stitching and quilting air symbolism with an Afghan refugee women’s group, Mo has co-created an interactive map quilt, representing the indoor and outdoor air pollution continuum in West London.

+ ColorBrewer, Colour combinations for maps
+ Warming Stripes, Ed Hawkins
+ Gee’s Bend Quilts
+ Teresa Lanceta, Open Source

Commission for Imperial College London.

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