Foraged chalk, reclaimed Greenheart timber from an old ship [originally from Guyana], aluminium rod, engraved & patinated copper

Comharran XY & Comharran XZ, 2022

Two sculptures borne out of Belle Tout lighthouse, a sanctuary atop the seven sisters cliffs as part of ‘Modern Pilgrimage’, a series of walks towards contemporary folklore and future artefacts, as told by the land.

The Comharran sculptures transect scales of deep time with human movement. At Beachy Head, a land art refuge was created from eroding cliff face, to create a public intervention told from the perspective of the chalk, who has borne witness to 85 millennia and holds layers of life within. The sculptures take their name from the Gaelic word Comharran, two markings on land used to give an offshore boat its location, language spoken in times lived more closely with the natural world and being lost from generational memory. XZ depicts the metres above sea level, XY depicts the latitude and longitude.

In collaboration with STRL_.

Install photographs from Grenville Open Studios exhibition and land art intervention.

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